Best Angel Investment Groups 2024

Learn about the various active angel investor groups across the country.
February 24, 2024
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There are more than 250 active angel investor groups in the United States. We’ll explore the top angel investor groups.

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What is an Angel Investor Group?

An angel investor group is a group of angel investors who invest collectively rather than individually in startups and early-stage businesses.

Best Angel Investor Groups

1. Sand Hill Angels

A group of ~140 Silicon Valley angel investors who primarily make Seed to Series B investments in disruptive scalable technology companies.

Investments include Rares, Trash Warrior, The Guild, GetLabs, MasonHub, and MoviePass.

2. Hyphen Capital

Hyphen Capital invests in asian-american founders. They are a group of founders, executives, and industry leaders who invest in innovative companies at all stages. 

Investments include Vimcal, Runway, Modern Loop, Italic, Flow Club, Mighty Health, and Slope.

3. Todd and Rahul's Angel Fund

An angel fund run by Todd Goldberg (Founded Eventjoy; Acquired by Ticketmaster) and Rahul Vohra (Founded Superhuman and Rapportive; Acquired by LinkedIn). They write $200k-$400k checks into early-stage startups and make decisions quickly. To date, they’ve invested over $35M into 100+ startups.

Investments include Supabase, Mercury, ClassDojo, Hex, Descript, Wander, Clearbit, Zip, AngelList, Coda, and Eight Sleep.

4. Alex and Bart Angel Fund

An angel fund run by Alex Cohen (Sr. Director of Product at Carbon Health, founded CommandDot and Birch; acq. by Even Financial) and Bart Macdonald (Founding Partner at Bloom Equity Partners, repeat venture-backed CEO). They invest $50k - $150k in early-stage startups out of their angel fund, which is backed by ~150 rockstar LPs. Over the past three years, they’ve invested $5m across 75+ startups.

Investments include Lula, CommandDot, Heard, Pogo, Alaffia Health, and Koyfin.

5. Keiretsu Forum

Keiretsu Forum is a global investment community of accredited private angel investors, venture capitalists, and corporate/institutional investors. Started in 2000, they have 52 chapters across three continents. They invest $250K - $2 million in 70% tech companies and 30% non-tech companies.

Investments include Soteria, OKR Financial, Enduralock, Spinal Simplicity, Playtable, and StreamDx.

6. Phoenix Investment Club

The Phoenix Investment Club is a group of Harvard alumni who invest in early-stage Harvard tech startups. The club’s portfolio features 150 startups, and they make investment decisions within 48 hours.  Their investment criteria include at least one co-founder being from the Harvard community, the startup being venture-backed or participating in a top startup accelerator, and it must be a tech startup.

Investments include Minimum, Prophone, Salarybook, BoldVoice, and Onboard.

7. Groove Capital

Groove Capital is Minnesota’s first check fund. To date, they have made 84 investments. 34 are female-led companies, and 31 are minority-led companies. 

Investments include Leah Laboratories, Bloom Standard, Adapt Fitness, and Base.

8. IU Ventures

IU Ventures invests in Indiana University-affiliated startups. The IU Angel Network criteria include having a Founder or C-suite executive affiliated with Indiana University, raising Seed or Series A capital between $300K - $3 million, and being located in the United States.

Investments include Doxly, MBX Biosciences, Periodic, Stagetime, and Probari.

9. Alliance of Angels

The Alliance of Angels is the largest and most active angel group in the Pacific Northwest. They comprise 160 angel investors and invest in high-growth startups across technology, hardware, consumer, and life sciences.

Investments include DocuSign, Clarisonic, Kaskada, Elemental, and Impel Neuropharma.

10. Spacestation Investments

Spacestation Investments is an angel investor group created by Spacestation in Utah. To date, they have made 70 investments across e-commerce, web3, and consumer product brands.

Investments include Magic Spoon, Oura, SpaceX, OLIPOP, Nodal Power, Kraken, and Sundays.

11. Park City Angels

Park City Angels is Utah’s most active angel investor network. The Park City Angles are industry-agnostic and focus on supporting the best early-stage founders. They are a group of 115 angel investors who have invested $80 million since 2008.

Investments include Lula, Skill Struck, Conbody, Novi Security, Literal, and Panoptic Security.

12. Pax Momentum

Since 2020, Pax Momentum has invested in 60 startups. They invest $100K in B2B software startups at the Pre-Seed or Seed stage, with early traction or strong pre-revenue indicators.

Investments include Mosaic IP, Chezie, Lara Health, Gentian, Jetdocs, and Navengage.


VITALIZE is a venture capital fund that runs an angel investor community. They invest in B2B and B2B2C software companies incorporated in the United States. The angel investor community is made up of 800 investors — roughly 50% are accredited, and 50% are unaccredited.

Investments include Airia, Lunch Payments, Hound, Balloon, and Lectrium.

14. NuFund (formerly Tech Coast Angels)

NuFund is a group of 300 active angel investors based in San Diego who have invested, on average, $12 million each year from 2020-2022. They focus on Tech (software, hardware, cleantech, mobile, etc.) and Life Science (biotech, medical devices, pharma, genomics, diagnostics, digital health, etc.). They typically fund between $300K and $1 million for financing rounds they lead.

Investments include Trio Pharma, KEEPWOL, Duo Oncology, Perceptive Medical, and Ichor Vascular.

15. Pure Imagination Brands

Pure Imagination Brands is led by Josh and Rosie, who co-founded Sugarfina. They invest in software, e-commerce, consumer product goods, and food & beverage brands.

Investments include August, Alva Health, Happy Money, Fulton, Fama, Intro, and Lalo.

16. Urban Capital Network

The Urban Capital Network is made up of 200 accredited investors with a total of $7 million AUM and a portfolio of 40 startups. They focus on investing in venture-backed deals.

Investments include Calm, GrubMarket, Roofstock, SpaceX, Return Logic, and Greenroom.

17. New York Angels

New York Angels is a New York membership-based group of accredited investors. To date, they have invested $160 million in 318 companies. They invest between $100K and $1.5 million per round in early-stage companies. While they are industry-agnostic, they focus on B2B platforms, digital media, financial services, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health.

Investments include Bombas, Clarity Money, Eight Sleep, Grin, Gust, and Payoneer.

18. E8

E8 is a group of 130 angel investors who have invested $60 million in 140 portfolio companies. They invest in United States and Canadian companies across clean tech — renewable energy, energy storage, green buildings, sustainable fisheries, smart grids, waste resources, electric vehicles, etc.

Investments include ESS Inc., Earthly Labs, UbiQD, Focal Technologies, and Blue Ocean Gear.

19. Miami Angels

Since 2013, Miami Angels have invested $30 million in 60 portfolio companies. They are industry-agnostic and focus on post-product, post-revenue, early-stage technology companies. 

Investments include Caribu, Mathison, Usko, Vedia, Wellerz, Classwallet, and Byte Chek.

20. Nebraska Angels

The Nebraska Angels are a group of 100 angel investors in Nebraska who have invested $54 million across 70 portfolio companies. They raise between $250,000 and $750,000 from members to invest per round. They typically invest in SaaS startups with > $20K in monthly recurring revenue.

Investments include Superb, Vesta, swishBOOM, Alpaca, Fast Foward, and Aspero Medical.

21. Angeles Investors

Angeles Investors invests in Hispanic and Latinx ventures. Portfolio companies can access $1 million in startup perks from 100+ vendors, including Brex, AWS, Gusto, and more.

Investments include Finix, Popwallet, Poppy, Ordermark, Storybook, STOPWATCH, and Circular.

22. 37 Angels

The 37 Angels is a group of 90 female angel investors who commit to investing in 10 high-potential startups annually. They invest between $50K and $200K into each company. Most companies they fund have between $50K and $500K in revenue at the Seed stage. 80% of their portfolio is tech startups, 45% are B2B, 30% are B2C, 25% are B2B2C, and 65% are NYC-based.

Investments include Aunt Flow, Gem, Nayya, Stryx, Loopie Laundry, Kinsa, HeyJane, and Ideapod.

23. Launchpad Venture Group

Since 2001, Launchpad Venture Group has invested in $125 million across 150 startups. They invest in early-stage science or tech-driven companies based in the New England region of the United States.

Investments include 7AC, Cabbige, InBoxer, Cimcon, Parkloco, Tally Street, and Tikatok.

24. Arizona Tech Investors

Arizona Tech Investors is a group of 100 angel investors based in Arizona who have invested $24 million across 90 startups. They invest in SaaS, Edtech, Healthcare, IoT, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Green Technology.

Investments include Qwick, YellowBird, Light Deck, Anuncia, and Virtuous.

25. Broadway Angels

The Broadway Angels are a group of female angel investors. They invest in Enterprise, Consumer, and Health & Wellness.

Investments include BetterUp, Ganaz, Launch Factory, Outreach, Writer, and GridGain.

26. Accelerate Venture Partners

Accelerate Venture Partners is a group of angel investors that invest in early-stage, high-growth companies in Wichita and the Midwest. They need greater than $100K in commitments from the group before they move forward with a deal.

Investments include Artio Medical, Compression Works, Clara Biotech, Greenfield Robotics, and Sunny Period.

27. Walnut Ventures

Walnut Ventures is an angel group of experienced entrepreneurs and executives that invests in Seed and early-stage companies with technology-based B2B or B2C products. They have invested in 300+ companies in the past 25 years.

Investments include AdStash, Agile Devices, Moxie Scrubs, Paerpay, Folia Health, and Wyebot.

28. Atlanta Technology Angels

Atlanta Technology Angels is an Atlanta-based angel group investing in early-stage startups. They invest between $100K and $300K per deal, typically on a convertible note with valuation caps between $2 million and $6 million. They invest in startups in the Southeast, predominately Atlanta. 

Investments include CareTrack, Viva Finance, Wripple, Collector Dash, and ARMR.

29. Ag Venture Alliance

Ag Venture Alliance is a group of 350 members who invest in ag-tech companies. Since 1998, they have made 25 investments in 8 states.

Investments include Rowbot, FloMetrix, Once Innovations, Agricen, Holganix, and Power Pollen.

30. HealthTech Capital

HealthTech Capital is a group of entrepreneurs, executives, clinicians, and large corporate venture groups that invest in healthcare startups. They invest in 10-16 United States startups annually.

Investments include Omada, Wildflower, S2 Genomics, Avive, Madorra, and Cionic.

31. Oregon Sports Angels

Oregon Sports Angels is a group of 46 members who have invested $7 million across 27 companies since 2017. Oregon Sports Angels invest between $100K and $1 million in sports startups at the Seed or Pre-Series A startups.

Investments include OddLot, Heroclip, Ao Air, Looptworks, Hitcheck, Preem, TopCourt, Tennibot, and Uplift Labs.

32. VentureSouth

VentureSouth is a group of 550 angel investors that invest in early-stage Southeastern startups. To date, they have invested $80 million in more than 100 companies.

Investments include Booster, Gradient Health, Fenris Digital, Emergo Therapeutics, and Redbud Labs.

33. Hyde Park Angels

Hyde Park Angels is based in Chicago, Illinois. Hyde Park Angels invests in Seed and Series A startups across Enterprise, Consumer, Healthcare, Crypto, Fintech, Insurtech, and PropTech. 

Investments include Chowbus, Dispatch, ShipBob, Havoc Shield, Branch, Elate, and Partyslate.

34. Tribeca Angels

The Tribeca Angels are a New York-based angel group that invests in FinTech, Data, InsurTech, Deep Tech, and Science. The Tribeca Angels invest in Series A and pre-A startups; their initial investment is between $1 million and $2 million per deal. Most of their startups are based in New York and the United States, with a few in London.

Investments include Alloy, Extend, MasterClass, Policy Genius, and Scholar Me.

35. Channel Angels

Channel Angels is an angel investor network funding SMB technology startups. They invest in 1-2 startups per quarter and, as of 2022, have made 17 investments.

Investments include Brelyon, Chattr, Banzai, Clientbook, Evo Security, Flexbase, and Ybot.

36. The Garage

The Garage invests in Series A and Series B startups with a revenue growth rate of 2x in the United States and Canada. They invest in Healthcare, AI & Data Analytics, and E-Commerce & Marketplaces.

Investments include Muncher, XOR, Allocations, Trax Retail, Allset Technologies, Tanium, Rappi, Klarna, and Coursera.

37. Life Science Angels

Life Science Angels is a group of 130 angel investors that invest in life science startups. Since 2005, they have invested $60 million across 100 startups. Investments must clear a $200K threshold before moving forward.

Investments include MoMelan, N Spine, Nanostim, Axsome Therapeutics, Carmenta Bioscience, and Appa Health.

38. Band of Angels

Band of Angels is a group of 165 angel investors that invest in Silicon Valley startups. They invest in 20+ startups annually and have funded 400 startups since 1994. They invest $300K - $750K  per deal in Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A rounds. They rarely invest in startups with a valuation of over $10 million. They are industry-agnostic but focus on agtech, digital media, fintech, life science/medtech, hardtech, software, and energy.

Investments include Sherpa Digital Media, VoiceBase, Life360, Limeade, Novacept, and Keynote Systems.

40. CAV Angels

The CAV Angels invest in University of Virginia-affiliated startups. They invest in healthcare and technology startups at the Seed and Series A stage. They typically invest between $250K and $1 million per deal.

Investments include Outlogic, Knit, Contraline, CarpeDM, DataClassroom, and O'MY Foods.

41. R-Squared Ventures

R-Squared Ventures is an operator fund. They invest in Fintech, AI, Enterprise, SMB SaaS, E-commerce Enablement, and Marketplaces.

Investments include Akeneo, Mesh Payments, Immunai, Finout, Slice, TaxJar, and Boards.

42. Astia Angels

Astia Angels invest in women-led startups. 

Investments include Loowatt, Repurpose, Poshly, Tivic Health, SoapBox, Ellevest, and Full Harvest.

43. Supply Chain Ventures

Supply Chain Ventures invests in supply chain and data analytics startups.

Investments include Placester, Foxtrot Systems, Shipmonk, RPA Labs, Covalent, and Prism.

44. City Side Ventures

City Side Ventures is a Michigan-based angel investor group. Since 2015, they have invested $6.45 million in 54 startups. They invest across various industries, including wearable technology, automotive, digital media, blockchain, financial technology, food tech, and SaaS.

Investments include Pathware, Sample Serve, Cask & Kettle, PassiveBolt, Clicktivated, and Upswing Health.

45. Robin Hood Ventures

Robin Hood Ventures is a mid-Atlantic angel investment group. They invest between $250K and $1 million per deal in early-stage high-growth startups. They invest in software, healthcare IT, hard tech, life sciences, and consumer.

Investments include Core Solutions, Proscia, OWIT Global, WizeHive, Grassroots Unwired, and LIA Diagnostics.

46. Oxford Angel Fund

Oxford Angel Fund is the leading fund investing in early-stage startups founded by Oxford alumni. They have 90 members and have invested in 20 startups.

Investments include Apero Health, Avela, Proof, The Companion, Uprise, Walker Brothers, and Dropel.

47. Goose Capital

Goose Capital is an investment group comprised of Fortune 500 executives, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs. They invest $5 million annually and have made 20 investments. Goose Capital’s investment thesis is emerging technology, determined founders, and landscape changers.

Investments include Outrider, BrainCheck, Mand Labs, MolecularMatch, and Drylet.

48. K Street Capital

K Street Capital has 100 angel investors who have invested $10 million across 70 startups. They are based in Washington DC and invest at the Seed stage in Fintech, Climate Tech, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, and Media.

Investments include Airside, Arcadia Power, Galley, Frey, Legends of Learning, RideScout, and Venga.

49. Red Door Capital Partners

Red Door Capital Partners are based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Red Door Capital Partners invests in Education, Healthcare, and Technology companies.

Investments include PrimaHealth Credit, accessibleGO, The Plug, and 

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