Doomsday Prepping is Having its Moment

Businesses are cashing in on the “buying frenzy” from doomsday preppers predicting end-of-the-world circumstances.
February 28, 2024
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man and wife in tall field with gas masks on

Suppose your only exposure to “preppers” – survivalists preparing for end-of-the-world circumstances – is from the American reality TV show Doomsday Preppers. In that case, you probably think all preppers are gun nuts or conspiracy theorists.

But, the reality is, you probably know someone who is a prepper but just don’t know it. 

Nearly one-third (29%) of the adult population spent a collective $11 billion between April 2022 and April 2023 on emergency preparedness, per Finder.

So, what are they spending their money on?

chart showing % of americans that spend money on certain supplies and the average they spend

While most Americans spend their money on necessities for end-of-the-world circumstances like a surplus of food and water, billionaires are spending money on more advanced systems.

An increasing number of businesses are cashing in on the growing demand for bunkers from the ultra-wealthy.

Prefab modular steel bunkers cost $200,000-400,000, and custom bunkers are being built in the U.S. today for $5-10 million.

prefab modular steel bunker

Ron Hubbard, The CEO of Texas-based Atlas Survival Shelters, said, “The phone hasn’t stopped ringing,” and called it a “buying frenzy” when asked about the demand for bunkers in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Doomsday prepping is having its moment – and it will only increase in 2024. The hatred and uncertainty from the election cycle will almost certainly trigger more people to start prepping.

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