Gatorade Enters New Category: Launches First Unflavored Water

Gatorade looks to bolster its positioning against rivals Bodyarmor, Liquid I.V., and PRIME in the trendy hydration product category.
March 31, 2024
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Gatorade Water


How hydrated are you? According to the National Academy of Medicine, men and women older than 19 should drink 13 cups and 9 cups of water a day, respectively. At least based on that, I’m dehydrated!

Insert a large beverage company with a solution for hydration.

Gatorade, the company that invented the hydration category in 1965 when it created the product to help University of Florida athletes, just released its new unflavored water targeted at active consumers looking for all-day hydration.

For years, Gatorade and Powerade were seen as the only major players in the category, but now many beverage companies are selling hydration products to consumers:

  • BODYARMOR: introduced its FLASH I.V. Hydration Boosters in September 2023 – doubling down on the rapid rehydration category.
  • Liquid I.V.: unveiled its Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free Product in June 2023.
  • Prime: announced PRIME Hydration+ Sticks to complement their flagship drink PRIME Hydration in September 2022

Gatorade Water is an attempt by Gatorade to appeal to consumers looking for hydration alternatives with less sugar. They know consumers are making healthier drink choices, whether purchasing a hydration-rich beverage or adding a hydration powder packet to get the specific nutrients they need. This trendy product category, which sits between water, soda, sports, and energy drinks, is here to stay and will only get more competitive as brands try to continue to differentiate themselves.

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