The Construction Industry is Turning to Women to Fill the Shortage

More women are working construction jobs as the national shortage of 500K construction workers forces the industry to recruit different populations.
May 6, 2024
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There’s a national shortage of 500,000 construction workers.

The problem is described as “chronic”. The construction workforce is aging out faster than young people are entering the industry. As a result, the construction sector is reaching out to different populations that have traditionally not picked up the trade. Some say women could be the answer. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more women are working construction jobs than ever.

While this data accounts for office and management jobs, much of the growth has happened on work sites, per The Washington Post.

The construction industry is aware of this shift and has made several changes to make its jobs more appealing to a broader applicant pool:

  • Construction businesses are tweaking their job postings to ensure they are not inadvertently discouraging women from applying
  • Advocates for women in construction are pushing for better childcare and parental leave benefits
  • Some companies have added nursing stations or daycares at job sites
  • Firms are requesting new types of safety gear and equipment in appropriate sizing for female bodies from PPE manufacturers

The #tradeswomen movement is finally turning a corner, and it's met with a huge opportunity.

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