The Venture Capital Bible

A crash course on venture capital from an insider to help founders prepare to successfully raise capital from VCs.
February 24, 2024
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Hi, I'm Kieran. I worked in startups for five years at On Deck and Wefunder. I contributed directly to the accelerator products ODX (by On Deck) and XX (by Wefunder) at both places. Through my experiences and contributions to the startup ecosystem, I learned a lot about the insides of venture capital. So, I put together this guide, which I'm calling The Venture Capital Bible, to serve as a resource to founders and aspiring VCs. A special thank you to my friends who reviewed this piece before I published it.

For other ways to raise money, check out my blog post on How to Raise Money for your Business afterward.

Chapter 1: What is Venture Capital?

1:1 What is venture capital?

1:2 History of venture capital

1:3 How does venture capital differ from other types of financing?

1:4 What types of businesses do venture capitalists fund?

1:5 The stages of venture capital

1:6 The benchmarks to raise venture capital

1:7 What are the different types of venture capitalists?

1:8 How are venture capital firms structured?

1:9 How do venture capitalists make money?

1:10 What is the typical timeline for a venture capital investment?

1:11 How are venture capitalists measured?

1:12 The venture capital power law

Chapter 2: The Venture Capital Process

2:1 How do venture capitalists source deals?

2:2 How long does it take to raise money from venture capitalists?

2:3 What is a venture capital term sheet

2:4 How do venture capitalists send you money

2:5 What do venture capitalists look for in companies?

2:6 How do venture capitalists conduct due diligence?

2:7 How do venture capital firms make decisions

2:8 What percentage do venture capital firms take?

Chapter 3: Top Venture Capital Firms (2023)

3:1 Tier 1 VC Firms

3:2 Tier 2 VC Firms

3:3 Tier 3 VC Firms

Chapter 4: How To Decide If Venture Capital Is Right For Your Business

4:1 Benefits of raising venture capital

4:2 Risks associated with venture capital

4:3 When should you consider raising venture capital?

4:4 How much money can you raise with venture capital?

4:5 How much of your time is required when raising from venture capitalists?

4:6 Which parts of the venture capital process can you outsource to teammates?

4:7 What expectations do venture capitalists have of you?

4:8 How to pick your venture capital partners

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