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Delivering zero-carbon industrial heat and power.





Sunnyvale, California



Company Description

Antora Energy is electrifying heavy industry with zero-carbon heat and power. We make it possible and profitable to fully rely on renewable energy for industrial processes. Antora Energy's thermal energy storage soaks up excess solar and wind electricity and uses it to heat blocks of carbon so they glow like inside a toaster. This thermal energy is then delivered to customers as electricity or industrial process heat up to 1500°C, on demand. In short, Antora Energy turns sunshine and wind into 24/7 heat and power, cheaper than fossil fuels. Our future hinges on heavy industry. Antora Energy’s technology eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels for industrial heat and power, the biggest source of greenhouse gasses on earth.

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Total Raised

$51.5 million



Significant Investors

Lowercarbon Capital, Shell Ventures, BHP Ventures, Grok Ventures, Trust Ventures, Overture VC, Impact Science Ventures, Fifty Years, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Company Traction

  • As of June 2023, Antora Energy claims their solution is 90% cheaper than lithium-ion for >100 hours of storage.
  • As of June 2023, Antora Energy has not begun deployments to customers.

Leadership Team

  • Andrew Ponec: Co-Founder & CEO of Antora Energy. Former Engineer at SunPower Corporation.
  • Justin Briggs: Co-Founder & COO of Antora Energy. Former Independent Contractor at National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.
  • David Bierman: Co-Founder & CPO of Antora Energy. Former Founder & CEO of Marigold Power.
  • Adrienne Tsier: VP of Systems Engineering at Antora Energy. Former Rapid Evaluator at X, the moonshot factory.
  • Jordan Kearns: VP of Project Development at Antora Energy. Former Founder & CEO of Medley Thermal. 


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