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Making healthcare in emerging markets affordable and accessible.





Austin, Texas



Company Description

Since 2016, we have worked to combine the power of technology and data with the passion and dedication of a talented group of people devoted to providing great quality healthcare to regions that have typically been overlooked.​ We do this by building an integrated healthcare system where we receive easy install mental payments from individuals and businesses and provide them healthcare through a combination of platforms, services and a fleet of modern clinics we operate alongside other third-party clinical partners.

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Total Raised

$48.3 million



Significant Investors

Partech, Y Combinator, Golden Palm Investments, Ventures Platform, LoftyInc Capital, Tencent, Picus, General Atlantic

Company Traction

  • As of July 2023, Reliance Health has 200,000+ enrollees, 15 clinics, 2,300+ providers, 1,200+ businesses, 2 countries, and 50,000+ downloads.

Leadership Team

  • Femi Kuti: Co-Founder & CEO of Reliance Health. Former Co-Founder & CEO of Kangpe. 
  • Opeyemi Olumekun: Co-Founder & COO of Reliance Health. Former Analyst at CBO Capital.
  • Matthew Mayaki: SVP of Product and Design at Reliance Health. Former CTO at Kangpe Healthcare Services.
  • Charles Akinniyi: VP of Corporate Sales at Reliance Health. Former Head of Sales at Plateaumed Limited.
  • Clarke Wallace: SVP of Customer Success at Reliance Health. Former VP of Employer Customer Success at Benefitfocus.


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