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Company Description

Sourcegraph is the leading Code AI platform revolutionizing how developers understand, fix, and automate their code. At Sourcegraph, we use the power of AI to help developers better understand their code. Our technology makes it easy to navigate through large codebases, find relevant code snippets, and get historical context. Plus, our code search and analysis tools help you quickly fix bugs, refactor code, and improve performance - all in one easy-to-use interface.

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Total Raised

$248 million


$2.6 billion

Significant Investors

Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Insight Partners

Company Traction

  • As of May 2023, Sourcegraph has 1.8 million+ users.
  • Sourcegraph customers include developers at companies like HashiCorp, Indeed, Yelp, SoFi, Lyft, Thorn, Quantcast, Convoy, F5, CERN, Workiva, FactSet, Nutanix, Neo Financial, Uber, Redfin, Plaid, and Databricks.

Leadership Team

  • Quinn Slack: Co-Founder & CEO of Sourcegraph. Former Co-Founder of Blend.
  • Beyang Liu: Co-Founder & CTO of Sourcegraph. Former Software Engineer at Palantir.
  • Dan Adler: VP of Business at Sourcegraph. Former Founder of Cells Software.
  • Carly Jones: Head of People & Talent at Sourcegraph. Former VP of Talent at SalesLoft.
  • Aimee Menne: VP of Technical Success at Sourcegraph. Former Regional Director, Professional Services at Segment.


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