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AI tools built for scientists.





San Carlos, California


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Healthcare

Company Description

Spring gives scientists superpowers. We put world-leading technology and easy-to-use software in the hands of researchers working to understand and battle disease. Our mission is to give scientists the best tools in the world to help them fight disease. We’re bringing new software, design, and machine learning tools to bear on this challenge. Our approach is to be an extension of industry partners’ teams in their discovery and preclinical efforts; and to build software helping scientists comprehend and make decisions using high-dimensional data.

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Total Raised

$50 million+



Significant Investors

First Round Capital, Longevity Fund, Felicis Ventures, Caffeinated Capital, General Catalyst, Zhen Fund, Susa Ventures, Village Global, SciFi VC, Elad Gil, Sparta Group, Tencent, Lachy Groom, Awesome People Ventures, Buckley Ventures, Quiet Fund, Sam Altman

Company Traction

  • As of May 2023, Spring Discovery has three products: Anvil, Immune Compass, and MegaMap.
  • Spring Discovery customers include scientists from UCSF, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Broad Institute, Assay.Works, and Gilead Sciences.

Leadership Team

  • Ben Kamens: Founder & CEO of Spring Discovery. Former VP of Engineering at Khan Academy.
  • Tim Sullivan: Chief Business Officer at Spring Discovery. Former VP of Business Development at Arcus Biosciences.
  • Brandon White: Head of Product at Spring Discovery. Former Senior Product Manager at Freenome.
  • Rachel (DeVay) Jacobson: Senior Director at Spring Discovery. Former Senior Principal Scientist at Kodiak Sciences.
  • Christian Elabd: VP of R&D at Spring Discovery. Former Director of Cell Biology at BioRestorative Therapies.


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