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Zero Acre Farms
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Zero Acre Farms

Cooking oil that’s better for you.





San Mateo, California


Food & Beverage, Climate

Company Description

Zero Acre Farms is fixing one of the most problematic parts of our food system by introducing Zero Acre oil, a cleaner all-purpose cooking oil - with even more good fats than olive oil, a neutral taste, high smoke point and a smaller environmental footprint. Foods that are clean-fried in Zero Acre oil (not seed oils) have a delicious crisp taste with less greasiness, more heart-healthy fats and the lowest environmental impact compared to other cooking oils. Finally, restaurant and home kitchens have a replacement that offers the same versatility as vegetable oils without the health and environmental drawbacks.

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Total Raised

$40.6 million



Significant Investors

Fifty Years, Lowercarbon Capital, S2G Ventures, Virgin Group, Collaborative Fund, Coalition Ventures, Chipotle

Company Traction

  • As of June 2023, Zero Acre Farms claims its cooking oil saves 222 sq. feet of land compared to olive oil.
  • As of June 2023, Zero Acre Farms has 16.6K Instagram followers, 5.5K Twitter followers, and 763 Facebook followers.

Leadership Team

  • Jeff Nobbs: Co-Founder & CEO of Zero Acre Farms. Former Co-Founder of HelpKitchen.
  • Stephen del Cardayre: Co-Founder & CTO of Zero Acre Farms. Former VP of Research and Development at REG, Life Sciences.
  • Jay Keasling: Co-Founder of Zero Acre Farms. Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Nitasha Ranganath: VP of Marketing at Zero Acre Farms. Former CMO & GM of E-commerce at Haus.
  • Julia Khandurina: Senior Director, Bioanalytical Chemistry at Zero Acre Farms. Former Senior Director, Analytics Sciences at Genomatica.


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