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Student transportation for school districts.





Redwood City, California


Mobility & Transportation

Company Description

Zūm has reimagined student transportation— managing every vehicle, driver, passenger, parent, and ride on a single platform. We’re growing fast and looking for super-smart folks motivated to fix the nation's largest mass transportation system and make a real difference for students, schools, drivers, parents and caregivers.

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Total Raised

$201 million


~$930 million

Significant Investors

Sequoia Capital, Spark Capital, SoftBank, BMW i Ventures, Ulu Ventures

Company Traction

  • As of May 2023, Zum has completed 1 million rides.
  • In October 2021, Zum surpassed 4,000 customers made up of schools and districts.
  • As of May 2023, Zum services five areas: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Seattle. Zum plans to launch in Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, New York City, Washington DC, San Diego, and Miami.
  • Zum customers include Garvey School District, Marin Catholic, Duarte Unified School District, Oakland Unified School District, San Francisco Public Schools, Newark Unified School District, and Arlington Independent School District.

Leadership Team

  • Ritu Narayan: Co-Founder & CEO of Zum. Former Group Product Manager at eBay.
  • Vivek Garg: Co-Founder & COO of Zum. Former Operations at Safexpress.
  • Rohit Jain: CPO at Zum. Former VP of Product Management and Technology at Walmart Labs.
  • Abhishek Garg: CTO at Zum. Former Computational Biologist at Next Generation Diagnostics.
  • Melissa Shiu: Director of Design at Zum. Former Visual UI/UX Designer at ADT.


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