Erewhon: The place to be seen 🚶

Erewhon made an estimated $171.4 million in profit in 2023 and built a really strong business with the help of celebrities and influencers.
June 4, 2024
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Hailey Bieber and her Erewhon smoothie

Nothing signals to others more that you’re rich or have bad money habits like a $21 Erewhon smoothie.

But the strength of the business model is undeniable:

  • Erewhon made an estimated $171.4 million in profit in 2023, per Fast Company
  • Erewhon generates $2,500 in sales per square foot of floor space, more than 4x the average grocery store, per Forbes
  • Erewhon made $10.6 million off a single smoothie variant in 2023, per GQ

Erewhon’s brand-building masterclass: Use celebrities and influencers to create a halo effect around your brand.

Erewhon has partnered with singers (Olivia Rodrigo), models (Hailey Bieber), and even celebrity hairstylists (Chris Appleton) to partner on mutually beneficial smoothie ventures. Celebrities get a portion of the smoothie revenue in exchange for sharing their brand equity and marketing value with Erewhon.

Perhaps the biggest indicator that Erewhon has become a status symbol of the elite is Balenciaga models donned Erewhon totes and shopping bags in its pre-fall 2024 runway.

Part health-conscious grocery store and part “designer brand,” Erewhon built an excellent business by becoming the place to be seen in LA.

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