Stuck in traffic 🚘

The total cost of traffic exceeds $100 billion for U.S. cities. Several startups like The Boring Company, Regent, and Navier are working to solve it.
May 30, 2024
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freeway traffic in los angeles

The average American spends 212 hours or 8.3 days annually in traffic.

The physical and psychological toll of commutes can be considerable, per The New York Times.

Not only does it suck for everyday Americans, but this congestion costs U.S. cities billions of dollars every year. The total cost of traffic associated with lost time and wasted fuel exceeds $100 billion.

average annual economic loss from traffic by u.s. cties

Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are ready for the challenge. One of his companies, called The Boring Company, plans to solve the problem of “soul-destroying traffic” with underground tunnels, and he’s teased AI’s final boss will be solving traffic management.

Other startups plan to address the problem by introducing new forms of transportation. Regent has sold 600 all-electric, passenger-carrying sea gliders valued at $9 billion from leading airline and ferry operators. Navier Boat hydro foiling electric boats are helping Stripe employees save ~30 minutes on their morning commute into San Francisco.

***Excuse typos; sent from my 45-minute car ride to get anywhere in LA.***

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