Barry’s Bootcamp sale

Barry's Bootcamp sale is expected to create a bidding frenzy due to strong profit margins and exciting expansion opportunities.
June 5, 2024
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Barry’s Bootcamp (aka Barry’s), best known for its high-intensity workouts and cult-like following, is exploring a sale, per Bloomberg.

The brand was last valued at ~$700 million when it explored a sale in 2019. Today, the valuation is expected to be significantly higher:

  • Barry’s class attendance exceeded 7.4 million last year
  • Studio revenue climbed 27% in 2023 over the previous year
  • All of Barry’s U.S.-based studios are profitable

Barry’s sale will likely attract several high bidders: Privately held boutique fitness studios typically generate higher profit margins (20-40%) than commercial gyms (10-15%). Barry’s likely has better profit margins than the industry standard since they can command premium prices due to their strong brand reputation and customer loyalty. 

Barry’s expansion opportunities are also very exciting. Barry’s added a cycling class to compete with the popular SoulCycle and expanded internationally to 15 countries. They have also been partnering with premium brands like Therabody and Ouai Haircare to level up their members’ post-workout wellness routines.

Barry's helped people get fit, now it's set to cash in.

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